Worshiped Mistress

This week it’s time for another horny Russian mistress to make her debut in this gallery. This long haired brunette woman says that she’s always treating her male sex slaves roughly as they pretty much manage to piss her off on a daily basis. So today she’s bringing you a gallery of femdom pictures featuring her and one of her favorites as she takes him to the frozen yard to teach him a lesson in some manners. The guy seems to have forgotten his place today, or just enjoys being tortured by her, but one thing’s for sure.

And that is that today the brunette went the extra mile to make an example out of him. She takes him straight to the outside where she makes him worship her boots while he is on all fours in the snow. Watch the guy as he’s commanded to lick her boots up and down in the freezing cold while she’s always yanking on his collar. Well he sure as hell didn’t expect this and he will think again twice before being naughty next time. Either way the mistress enjoyed herself allot today and she hopes that you did as well guys. Enjoy and good bye!


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