Russian Mistress Video – Mia & Lilu

Mia and Lilu are the poster ladies in this Russian mistress video for today. The two little sluts have quite the collection of man sluts and they’re very happy and proud of it. Well today they have one of their favorite guy from the collection all tied up, just like the ones from and awaiting his due rough treatment delivered by the two dominatrix’s today. They tie him up real good and let him hang all tied up like that while they intend to take advantage of his big cock to play around with for today. See this dirty minded women as they torture this guy’s poor cock.

AS the scene starts the two little nymphs make him come over in their room and once there, they get all over him. Kissing and caressing him while they take off his clothes. The guy though he’d finally caught a break and that they women were just too turned on for now to forget about torturing him. Well sadly for him they weren’t and this was just a ruse. So watch the two sluts as they play around with his penis today guys. As always we hope you enjoyed and check out the rest of the updates as well. See you soon everyone! For similar videos check out the feet slave website.


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Russian Mistress Anna – Video

Hey there once again guys, today we bring you the Russian mistress Anna and her male sex slave. Anna here is a very tough woman with long and flowing brunette hair. Today she’s going to make an example of her little man slut as he’s been very naughty this time. As he was roaming around the house today he managed to break one of her favorite shoes. Well she was pissed when she came back home to see it ruined. So she’d have to teach this guy once and for all that he’s not allowed to play around with her shoes from now on.

She tapes that thing to his face, and strangely that seems to turn the guy on. Watch her as she’s taking advantage of her submissive man slut for tonight. Watch him as he roams around on four legs around her begging for forgiveness. And hopeful that she’ll give him a piece of her juicy and wet pussy. Well we won’t spoil it so just head over to the gallery and see for yourself if the woman continues to torture him or if she gives in and let’s him have a piece of her cunt. Enjoy guys ,and as always stay tuned for next week’s update. Until then check out blog and enjoy watching another hot mistress fucking her slaves!



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Worshiped Mistress

This week it’s time for another horny Russian mistress to make her debut in this gallery. This long haired brunette woman says that she’s always treating her male sex slaves roughly as they pretty much manage to piss her off on a daily basis. So today she’s bringing you a gallery of femdom pictures featuring her and one of her favorites as she takes him to the frozen yard to teach him a lesson in some manners. The guy seems to have forgotten his place today, or just enjoys being tortured by her, but one thing’s for sure.

And that is that today the brunette went the extra mile to make an example out of him. She takes him straight to the outside where she makes him worship her boots while he is on all fours in the snow. Watch the guy as he’s commanded to lick her boots up and down in the freezing cold while she’s always yanking on his collar. Well he sure as hell didn’t expect this and he will think again twice before being naughty next time. Either way the mistress enjoyed herself allot today and she hopes that you did as well guys. Enjoy and good bye!


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Russian Mistress – Submissive Slave

Another fresh week and time for another Russian mistress update. This time we have something a bit more special. This sexy woman is one tough dominatrix and she frequently likes to go to the clubs hunting for fresh meat. Tonight’s guy was certainly unaware of this very tough side of her, but don’t worry he’ll get to sample some of her hard style treatment in tonight’s sex session with her. The woman dressed herself up as slutty as possible since she knows what horny guys aim for when they want to pick up chicks.

When she spots her target she makes her way towards him and she has no trouble seducing him. Well since she’s been doing this for quite a while now, she’s gotten it down to pretty much a art of picking up unsuspecting guys. As they reach her place with some promise for hard sex, she locks the door and then ties him up all nicely so he can’t escape her. And then she starts her little disturbed sex show. Watch her climbing on his chest and see her offering up her cunt for a good licking. Enjoy everyone and if you liked this video check out website and find similar videos and galleries featuring some hot mistresses!


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Tied and Abused

Remember the guy from the Russian mistress update that got to dress up like a slut while his mistress was taking full advantage of him? Well today he stepped out of line once again and the lovely lady had to do something about it once again. But this time, she wouldn’t be making an appeal for the same tactic as it proved pretty useless in her disciplining this guy. Instead today she’s going to resort to her flail and it’s a sure thing that the guy won’t forget his place any time soon.

She takes him to the living room once again and throws him on the couch while he’s all tied up while she pulls up her favorite torturing toy. And then she starts flogging him hard to teach him a painful lesson this time. Watch the dude getting abused by his brutal mistress tonight, and then watch as she sucks his cock to make him feel better. She doesn’t want him getting the wrong idea, but a treat is always sweeter after some tough moments right? Well enjoy guys and see you next week as usual with another superb update. For similar femdom videos check out website. Enjoy!


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Russian Mistress Torture

For this fresh and new Russian mistress update we have a guy getting some very rough treatment. But this time there’s not one lady but two that are delivering the hard style punishment to this naughty little man slut tonight. They make an boys dominated example out of him today when he talks back to them in a rude manner. And the two vixens just can’t have that going around. Soon all the other male sex slaves they have will get into it if they don’t do something about it. So they got a room and called the naughty guy inside.

Both of the women were expecting him and the bastard seemed to have held on to his naughty behaviors from earlier. And this was all the more reason for the two women to take action right now before he’ll be irredeemable. So they have him lie down on the floor all this time continuing to mumble to himself. So to shut him up they put their feet in his mouth so he’ll be silent. Watch them treating the guy rough with their feet today guys and and enjoy the scene. We’ll have some more fresh content next week for you. See you then


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Slave Tortured

In this awesome russian mistress update we bring you one superb woman with light brown hair taking care of her naughty slave for your viewing pleasure. The guy was suppose to be cleaning the kitchen in the absence of this lovely dominatrix, but he somehow forgot about it and you can only imagine the ruckus it caused when his mistress came back home. She yelled at him and gave him one hard scolding, and she guaranteed him that he’d be in for even more later that same evening. So let’s watch what she has in mind for her man.

As the russianmistress cameras start rolling she’s already in the kitchen with the guy and she’s already started her little routine to  make sure she gets trough to that empty head of this guy. So she throws him on the floor after her scolding, and climbs on top of him. She just pulls her panties aside and tells him to clean up her pussy. If he wasn’t good enough to clean the kitchen he can start making amends this way. So watch her as she does some nice face sitting on the guy while he licks her juicy pussy today. Enjoy guys and see you next week! Until next week, if you liked this video update and you want to find similar content, cum inside and have fun! Enjoy!


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Russian Mistress Pics

Today’s russian mistress pics feature quite one twisted little woman. She has all kinds of dirty thoughts and for this scene you get to see her very best stuff. Her man has been acting out once again today and she needs to address the matter pronto before the thing climbs to his head. And she always has one special and rough treatment when he does this just like the sluts from divine bitches videos. And you’ll be in for quite a treat if we may say so ourselves when you’ll see just what her tough regime of training consists of today guys.

As the evening swings around, this russianmistress binds her man tightly and then she starts doing her thing. She dresses him up in women’s clothes and treats him like a man slut, so that he can see how women might get treated some times. Then she takes him in the living room where she plants him on the couch and starts doing her number on him. Watch her as she takes on her strap on dildo and see her fuck that tight ass of his hard and fast. You can be sure that he’ll remember this, until he makes another mistake.



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Hardcore Punishing

Another great week just swung by and we have another Russian mistress taking care of her little man slut. This sexy lady is quite passionate about treating her guys as roughly as possible and you just have to see her go at it for tonight. She’s a tall woman with long flowing brunette hair and she knows exactly how to be a great cock tease. According to her she’s always in the mood to dress as slutty as possible and you’ll get to see that as well. As she needed to be in her “party” outfit for her rough treatment session.

In the beggining of the scene she can be seen posing around the room and acting all hot and sexy. And then she pulls in her little man slave after her by pulling on his leash. Watch her as she orders the poor guy around while she takes the time to torture and play around with his cock and balls guys. We’re sure you’ll enjoy seeing this brunette beauty in this fine scene today and we sure as hell hope you enjoy it. Stay tuned and come back next week for another mistress taking advantage of a guy yet again guys. For similar videos, check out the website!.


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Russian Mistress – Ass Fuck

Your favorite and sexy russian mistress returns today with one more update. This sexy woman has caught her little male slave talking back to her and there’s only one cure for his disobedience. And that was for him to present his tight little has for her tonight. Don’t worry this sexy woman knows how to treat his ass just right, in order to teach him a lesson and also to make him enjoy it. Thing is she loves him and she doesn’t give him punishments out of the blue. So let’s see her work on that ass in this update guys.

You can bet that the guy himself enjoyed the rough treatment that his russianmistress delivered allot for this evening. So as evening comes around the guy appears into her room as he needs to be punished. The Mistress just orders him to get on all fours and be obedient like a good little doggy. She then puts on her trusty strap on dildo and just goes ahead starting to fuck his tight ass. Watch him moan in pleasure as this gorgeous woman does a great job stretching his tight little ass tonight. Enjoy guys and if you liked it you can visit site and enjoy watching some similar galleries. See you soon!


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