Tied and Abused

Remember the guy from the Russian mistress update that got to dress up like a slut while his mistress was taking full advantage of him? Well today he stepped out of line once again and the lovely lady had to do something about it once again. But this time, she wouldn’t be making an appeal for the same tactic as it proved pretty useless in her disciplining this guy. Instead today she’s going to resort to her flail and it’s a sure thing that the guy won’t forget his place any time soon.

She takes him to the living room once again and throws him on the couch while he’s all tied up while she pulls up her favorite torturing toy. And then she starts flogging him hard to teach him a painful lesson this time. Watch the dude getting abused by his brutal mistress tonight, and then watch as she sucks his cock to make him feel better. She doesn’t want him getting the wrong idea, but a treat is always sweeter after some tough moments right? Well enjoy guys and see you next week as usual with another superb update. For similar femdom videos check out http://domkarin.org/ website. Enjoy!


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