Russian Mistress Video – Mia & Lilu

Mia and Lilu are the poster ladies in this Russian mistress video for today. The two little sluts have quite the collection of man sluts and they’re very happy and proud of it. Well today they have one of their favorite guy from the collection all tied up, just like the ones from and awaiting his due rough treatment delivered by the two dominatrix’s today. They tie him up real good and let him hang all tied up like that while they intend to take advantage of his big cock to play around with for today. See this dirty minded women as they torture this guy’s poor cock.

AS the scene starts the two little nymphs make him come over in their room and once there, they get all over him. Kissing and caressing him while they take off his clothes. The guy though he’d finally caught a break and that they women were just too turned on for now to forget about torturing him. Well sadly for him they weren’t and this was just a ruse. So watch the two sluts as they play around with his penis today guys. As always we hope you enjoyed and check out the rest of the updates as well. See you soon everyone! For similar videos check out the feet slave website.


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