Russian Mistress Torture

For this fresh and new Russian mistress update we have a guy getting some very rough treatment. But this time there’s not one lady but two that are delivering the hard style punishment to this naughty little man slut tonight. They make an boys dominated example out of him today when he talks back to them in a rude manner. And the two vixens just can’t have that going around. Soon all the other male sex slaves they have will get into it if they don’t do something about it. So they got a room and called the naughty guy inside.

Both of the women were expecting him and the bastard seemed to have held on to his naughty behaviors from earlier. And this was all the more reason for the two women to take action right now before he’ll be irredeemable. So they have him lie down on the floor all this time continuing to mumble to himself. So to shut him up they put their feet in his mouth so he’ll be silent. Watch them treating the guy rough with their feet today guys and and enjoy the scene. We’ll have some more fresh content next week for you. See you then


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