Russian Mistress Anna – Video

Hey there once again guys, today we bring you the Russian mistress Anna and her male sex slave. Anna here is a very tough woman with long and flowing brunette hair. Today she’s going to make an example of her little man slut as he’s been very naughty this time. As he was roaming around the house today he managed to break one of her favorite shoes. Well she was pissed when she came back home to see it ruined. So she’d have to teach this guy once and for all that he’s not allowed to play around with her shoes from now on.

She tapes that thing to his face, and strangely that seems to turn the guy on. Watch her as she’s taking advantage of her submissive man slut for tonight. Watch him as he roams around on four legs around her begging for forgiveness. And hopeful that she’ll give him a piece of her juicy and wet pussy. Well we won’t spoil it so just head over to the gallery and see for yourself if the woman continues to torture him or if she gives in and let’s him have a piece of her cunt. Enjoy guys ,and as always stay tuned for next week’s update. Until then check out blog and enjoy watching another hot mistress fucking her slaves!



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