Russian Mistress – Anal Destruction

Why hello there everyone, our crew would like to bring you a very horny Russian mistress mistress that knows how to treat her male sex slaves just right. Today this sexy redhead takes the role and she plans on showing off her ass fucking skills for this debuting scene. She calls in her male sex toy and straight from the beginning she teases him. She plans to thoroughly enjoy her time make life  hell for this submissive male sex slave today. So let’s sit back and see what this horny woman has to offer.

As this russianmistress scenes rats off she orders the guy to start undressing for her, and she expects him to do so fast. He obeys her as he knows his ass is already in for some hard style punishment so he knows he doesn’t need any more. The sexy dominatrix then bends him over her little fuck chair to have easy access to his tight ass as she puts on he strap on dildo. Watch her go deep in this guy’s ass as she fucks him faster and harder with every thrust. We hope you enjoy her and we’ll be back next time with more. Also you can enter the modelstied website and watch some hot models getting undressed and tied up!


See this mean mistress roughly punishing her slave!

Cruel Russians humiliating their servant

rusia with love ruskymiss          russian chick

As you all know, Russians are well known for their unorthodox methods to dominate the others. These slutty babes already know what they have to do, in order to make this guy actually eat from their palms. They will undress him and make him get down on the floor, climbing his back, spanking his butt cheeks with that whip that they have. They both like to see him getting down on the ground and do just like they demand! They are getting turned on every time he is licking their high heels, or even their bare feet.

See this humble servant going up and down with his tongue, exploring his mistresses feet, stuffing it even between their toes, sucking them and munching their toe nails with his teeth. Well, well, you will get really turned on by these three cause they are about to do some kinky things under your eyes, making you hard as a stone. If you need more similar galleries, have a look at Chateau Cuir videos. You are going to find here exactly the type of galleries that you are craving for!

Enjoy these bitchy Russians dominating their guy!

Russians teasing their servant

mistress-making-him-lick    on-top-of-him

As you are about to see from the following scenes, these two horny sluts are going to have a blast with their naughty servant. Check out how eager they are to use him for their own benefit! They will undress him and tie his hands, just to be sure that he won’t be able to do anything, not even move if he is not allowed too. They adore to make him obey and also he likes it a lot to be dominated and used by these two smoking hot babes.

At first, he is going to get down on his knees, starting to eat out their eager pussies, shoving his tongue right inside those warm holes. Have a look at the following scenes, to see exactly how these horny dominatrix will take their whip and start applying some corrections to his butt cheeks. You should also have a look at to see some extra scenes that will turn you on, just like this one is. Stay here to see what other nasty things are these two sluts about to do with their slave and see him cum all over their bodies. Wow! Can’t believe that we have these exclusive photos and videos just for ourselves!

pussy-stretching     russian-mistress-in-action

Check out these two horny dominatrix using their guy!

Hot Mistress stretched to the limits

You are going to be amazed by this super sexy mistress who has two servants today, for her own pleasure. She is going to make them obey, get down on their knees and do every single thing that she is making them do. Have a look at this incredibly hot scene and see her sitting on a chair, with her legs wide open, stretching them to the limits, letting her guys lick her toes, munch her pussy, stuff it with their tongues and please her just the way she wants too.

Have a look at this incredible scene and see her cum, right there, into one of her servant’s mouth. You are going to have a great time watching this nasty video, cause there are things that will happen, just like she always dreamed about. Have a look at the newest post, for extra videos, if you are a fetish freak and you never get sick of porn. Enjoy each moment and see you the next time, with more. You are going to have a fantastic time seeing this hot domination video!

russian hot and wet mistress

See this hot Russian teasing her servants with her pussy!

The Perfect Slave

We are back with our mean mistresses that were in the mood for some damage. They found the perfect slave for the job and in no time her had a dildo stuffed in his butthole. Our mistresses don’t play around. They found this guy in the building, he just moved in so they offered to help him around with all the boxes he had to carry. He of course appreciated their gesture and didn’t pass down their invite for a glass of wine. The girls thought he was a bit more open minded then the rest of the guys they know so they tried to convince him to play their game. Well it didn’t was to much work to get him naked and from the looks of it he sure enjoyed that dildo in his butthole! If you liked this scene you must check out this JB video catalog for more hot chicks in nasty pics. Hope you guys liked this, we sure did. See you next time enjoy!

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Check out these mistresses fucking their slave!

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