Cruel Russians humiliating their servant

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As you all know, Russians are well known for their unorthodox methods to dominate the others. These slutty babes already know what they have to do, in order to make this guy actually eat from their palms. They will undress him and make him get down on the floor, climbing his back, spanking his butt cheeks with that whip that they have. They both like to see him getting down on the ground and do just like they demand! They are getting turned on every time he is licking their high heels, or even their bare feet.

See this humble servant going up and down with his tongue, exploring his mistresses feet, stuffing it even between their toes, sucking them and munching their toe nails with his teeth. Well, well, you will get really turned on by these three cause they are about to do some kinky things under your eyes, making you hard as a stone. If you need more similar galleries, have a look at Chateau Cuir videos. You are going to find here exactly the type of galleries that you are craving for!

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